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The Flywheel


$2375 + GST

Per Month


Fortnightly, no fixed term

About this service

Our secondary service is a structured system that can follow on from the Eyes Wide Open review or support other business review work undertaken by another party or internally. It is designed to provide regular engagement and momentum to the activation of strategic plans. It is called the flywheel as we firmly believe in all of the small steps adding up into building momentum, like a flywheel.


  • Fortnightly meetings 1-1.5 hours each

  • Follow up communication/confirmation on agreed actions, in both directions

  • Focus on incremental improvement and change, with the flywheel gaining momentum

  • No fixed term, cancel with 30 days notice. No contracts, no fish-hooks

  • Client will be accountable and needs to be prepared for difficult conversations

  • Timing and format flexible to accommodate business requirements


This is not to be confused with a business coaching subscription. While there is certainly coaching and mentoring elements to the process, this is focused on a well-qualified third party sitting across your plans and adding value and momentum to the outcomes.

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