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Fixed Term and Projects





About this service

At different points in an organisations’ journey the need arises for expertise outside of what can be covered by normal resource levels. Either through the experience of our principal consultant or through our network we are able to cover off a large range of fixed term or finite project-based needs.


We can extend from covering the interim requirement for a CE or GM, through to working on the acquisition and merger of two organisations, leading a significant organisational restructure or running a project to migrate from an old ERP to a new one. We are also able to step into an organisation with clarity when it comes to crisis management or an urgent and unexpected need for change.


Applying this type of resource in your business controls costs and provides you with a firm timeframe and budget to work with.


There are many examples where James & Co can support this type of finite workstreams or projects, but rest assured we will not take on a project if we do not feel we have the right expertise to match your needs.

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