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Eyes Wide Open


$3300 + GST


5 - 10 Day Turn around

About this service

Our primary and most popular service is a very high-level business review we call Eyes Wide Open. Undertaken for a fixed price and generally a maximum of half-a-day onsite, with some pre/post inputs from the business leaders, this review summarises:

  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses and how these may best be handled.

  • Identifying and clarifying opportunities and establishing what needs to happen to line up for these with the potential to capitalise on them.

  • Isolating skill or expertise gaps preventing forward momentum and discussing how best these gaps are plugged or managed.

  • Unpacking and repacking the product and service offering and identifying how these may be rationalised, expanded or optimised.

  • Discussing the people and culture part of the business and making observations or recommendations on potential change or improvements.

The outcomes of the review are generally delivered in a follow up meeting and short summary report. The engagement with James & Co can conclude here without obligation, or where more value could be delivered, ongoing services may be available through James & Co, or in many cases alternative partners may be recommended.


Please note that this service is named appropriately. This will not result in a 40-page review document, but it will result in a substantial amount of succinct feedback and get a process started for business leaders to decide on their next steps with more clarity and momentum.

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